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Manufacturer: Killer Food Plots LLC

Our 100 % KFP Chicory is a highly palatable and a high protein food source that is highly desirable from early spring to late fall. It is extremely heat tolerant allowing for a broad range of climates and soil types. Chicory is a very versatile forage that can be planted in a variety of soil types and conditions from light sandier loamy soil to a heavier soil that holds moisture. Chicory can stand alone or can be mixed with the other KFP variety's. It is a staple of every KFP habitat management plan. KFP chicory is hearty enough to withstand the deep frost of the north while being drought resistant when planted in the deep south. KFP chicory is capable of putting down a 14-16 inch taproot ensuring that when the hot dry months come that the high quality forage will be there when they need it most. Helps regulate their digestion system.


Early spring or fall (can be frost seeded).

3lbs - Plants 1 acre