Groganix™ Hydration

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Manufacturer: Killer Food Plots LLC

Groganix "Hydration"

A Customizable soil correcting fertilizer comprised of All natural organic ingredients with added carbon, calcium and living biology. This product is vital moisture and nutrients.

Groganix "hydration" is a highly enriched composted product containing natural properties that aid in Quickly building up the soil composition while absorbing vital moisture and nutrients very quickly. The Groganix “hydration” can be “Custom blended” to address specific deficiencies present in the soil and then tilled or disked in with existing seedbed soil.

The “hydration”while introducing vital nutrient that feed newly germinating overcoming fertilizer that contains all the key ingredients necessary to grow successful Killer Food Plots the 1st Time! The Premier blend of Micronutrients, Carbon, Calcium, Minerals and Biology are all "fused" together into a pellet form with an N-P-K of 6-3-2. The Groganix “fusion” is infused with all the natural components necessary to kick start rapid growth in newly germinated plants.

The natural make up of Groganix assures it is readily available in the soil when and where the plant roots are being established. The core properties of Groganix "fusion" along with its High content of Organic Matter stay suspended in the soil helping to feed your plants and build up poor quality soils while improving the soils ability to absorb and retain vital moisture and nutrients!"

NOTE: Additional soil correcting elements can be blended into the Groganix “hydration” to address individual soil requirements.